What Money Can Do for You

Unfortunately my first Jonathan Clements column was also his last for the Wall Street Journal. I like what he has to say:

  • Having money allows you to not worry about money.
  • Having money allows you to pursue your interests without worrying about how much you’re making in return.
  • Having money can allow you more time with people you love.

I’m sometimes a little obsessed/neurotic about money, but to me it really isn’t about having ever more of it. I just want enough. Of course “enough” is a moving target, isn’t it? So is “ever more,” but that target will only move in one direction. I like not worrying. I like being able to spend time doing things I don’t get paid for. And I like being able to spend time with people, whether or not it involves a little money. This isn’t to say that I don’t worry about money — I do. And I can’t do everything I want to do with others, or I would have bought a ticket to Europe this afternoon. I like how he says, “If you live beneath your means and invest prudently, you can achieve a sense of financial control long before you achieve full financial independence.” Nice. I hope he’s headed out to do something really fulfilling.


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