What if I didn’t eat any for a week?  What would I even eat?



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3 responses to “Snacks…

  1. Hrmm—

    I’m confused by this question!

    I read something interesting somewhere. That we shouldn’t use the term ‘snacks’..that we should treat all food equally and think of snacks as important as meals.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Uncle Hannah

  2. Yes, but take tonight for example: I made polenta (well, took it from a tube of polenta and broiled it), topped it off with olive tapenade, and that was my dinner. It’s just not very balanced. But maybe “snacks” aren’t the culprit, it’s more “lack of vegetables” or “lack of balance.” I need to do better. I feel better when I eat better. Ugh.

  3. Nod…yeah, believe me I can totally relate to that. Hehe. But the act of admonishing yourself for not doing better is a vicious cycle!

    I wish you luck with your balance (on all levels!) 🙂

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