Another Guilty Pleasure

Part One: At some point in the day every Sunday (usually early), I find myself looking at the latest secrets posted on Postsecret.  I’ve been doing this for at least a year, longer, I think.  Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me sad, and sometimes even angry.  I guess I just like this idea of people letting off some steam, letting those things we hold so close (even when they destroy us) out to the world.  And there is usually a handful of artistic postcards, too…

Part Two: I then go to the New York Times website, and (this is pure gluttony) check out the Weddings and Celebrations portion of the site.  I don’t know why I do this, but it’s highly addictive.  I read most of them, looking to see how old the couple is, where they work, where they’re from, and, if it’s included, how they met.  I get annoyed when everyone seems to be Ivy-educated.  I get annoyed when they’re all in their 20s and already super-successful.  This is most weeks, and yet I keep coming back for more.  I like when the bride keeps her name.  And while some mention of the couple’s parents is nice, sometimes there are entire paragraphs devoted to what someone’s dad does, and that’s sort of lame.  I like when they’re not so east-coast centric, too, which isn’t really fair of me because the NYT is a little, um, east-coast centric, as it probably should be.



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3 responses to “Another Guilty Pleasure

  1. Hahah.

    Actually I think that pleasure isn’t nearly guilty enough. That’s an interesting site.

    I am thinking if you want to be realllly guilty, then strap on a hot pink thong, eat a tub of ice cream while listening to gangsta rap…or something?


  2. You’re totally right. I did also eat a pint of ice cream (rice dream) yesterday between breakfast and an afternoon snack. Lunch was French fries (more on the fabulousness of those soon). So yeah, there are guiltier pleasures. 🙂

  3. Hehe.

    Yes. Well I hope they were all ‘worth it’ (what does THAT even mean?)…

    I had such a wonderful creative spurt the past few days and it made me happy. That is priceless stuff.



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