New Money for the UK

These new designs make me want to drop everything and emigrate, just to use their money.  Oh, and to be paid in GBP would be nice, too… more stable, etc.

UK Coins

UK Coins

I love the feeling of a heavy 1 GBP coin in my pocket, and I would fully support any US efforts to move towards dollar coins, if only they would modify all parking meters and vending machines to accept them…



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3 responses to “New Money for the UK

  1. Wow, those are really cool. I love how they all make a giant image. I’m a nerd about coin money also. I really wish we all walked around like Robin Hood with a small sack of coins.

  2. Woooo!

    Dollar coins are fun. I have a cute ‘dollar coin’ story. An Easter story no less. Don’t worry, there isn’t any Jesus or soapbox-hopping in this tale.

    Jeremy and Pele and I were having a pre-Easter romp (not that kind of romp) in the park next to the Loveland library. A kindly man came by and offered us some eggs to hide for Pele. He said he had plenty extra. We were dubious but we saw that each one was filled with a dollar coin. No candy. Whew. I don’t want Pele wired on chocolate eggs or whatnot. So, we had a bag of dollar-enriched eggs! Sacajawea dollars and the like.

    We decided to spread the love by placing the coin-filled eggs in various in the library for kids to find. We put them up on shelves so as to prevent toddlers from choking on them…

    We kept some (sacajawea dollars ‘for Pele’) but we ended up keeping them for ourselves.



  3. boggle…I meant to type ostensibly for Pele, and ‘various places’ in the library. Oh well…I should either make more typos or less. Hehee.



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