Cactus and Pines

It’s been a while, but I still don’t feel like I have much to say.  Much of last weekend was spent driving, to the hometown, then from there to Phoenix with my parents.  I am always surprised at how much warmer it is there, and rarely prepared, regardless of the time of year…  This time of year, the warmth is pleasant.  The wedding was fun, and it was good to see family.  We really had no other reason for being there.  We arrived, changed, went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, slept, killed a little time, went to the wedding and reception, and started home.  Of note: I learned how to make cap-gun sounds with rose petals.  Also: I learned quite a lot about Hannah Montana.

I also introduced my parents to This American Life, but was surprised to find almost all of my un-listened-to episodes gone from not only my iPod, but also my hard drive.  I guess it should teach me to listen to things I want to listen to more promptly, but still pisses me off.   Anyway, I only had two episodes to choose between, and naturally chose the uncomfortable “Testosterone” episode, which, of course, discusses things like sex and transgendered individuals.  Earlier in the trip I had argued that NPR was much more moderate than Fox News, and so this example, even though it was from Chicago Public Radio, not National Public Radio, was used against me.  But it’s okay, and I think they might even watch This American Life on Showtime if they ever stay up late enough for it (unlikely).

Hm.  I’d like to spend some more time down there sometime…  Since moving to Colorado, all I’ve really done in Arizona is visit the interiors of relatives’ living rooms, looked out the window upon roadside cacti, sagebrush, and pine.  There’s a lot more to see, a lot that I’ve maybe seen as a child, but might appreciate more (or at least again) as an adult.  A trip back is warranted.  Checking my vacation balances at work, I was pretty surprised at how much I have.  I had ideas of saving up for another international trip this summer or in December, but honestly, with the way the dollar has been, I don’t think I want to pour that much money into it, and will probably do some domestic exploration…



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5 responses to “Cactus and Pines

  1. Toni

    I’ve been living in Phoenix since January, and let me tell you, it’s gorgeous. The whole state is beautiful, but I prefer the high desert around Tucson to the mountain of the north.

    (Found your blog, hope you don’t mind that I commented. Hope all is well.)

  2. Not at all! It’s great to hear from you, and I hope things are going well for you down there! I grew up in Flagstaff, and have to say I prefer the cooler climes (Girl Scout Camp near Prescott was even pushing it in terms of heat). If I do make it down there again soon, I’d love to catch up with you.

  3. You grew up in Flagstaff and Jenny grew up Del Norte? I didn’t think you were that much older.

    I was just thinking about taking a trip to AZ this morning.

    Anywho, if you’re down to vacation with a couple knuckleheads Nicole and I wouldn’t mind taking a trip to Phoenix with you. We could drive and stop in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Flagstaff along the way. We can stay for free in ABQ. I just checked a gas calculator and it says round trip to Phoenix will cost $205.70 in my Volkswagen. That’s about as much as one plane ticket.

    Just putting it out there…

  4. We lived in Flagstaff until I was 13 and Jenny was 10, so I kind of grew up in both places… All growing up stopped in 1999 when I moved to Denver, though.

    Let’s talk more about this trip possibility… Do you guys have dates in mind?

  5. It would have to be after Nicole graduates and returns from Mexico. So, anytime after May… Right about the time it gets unbearably hot in AZ.

    I was also thinking about the time Nicole and I rented a Cadillac DTS with cooled seats and a dvd player for a trip to NM. It was fantastic! Maybe we could do it again for a trip to Arizona.

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