Some Candies are Vile but Cute

These candies should not be consumed.  Not ever.  But it is acceptable to play with them.  The Washington Post had a contest for Peep dioramas, and today they’ve posted the finalists and semifinalists.  This one, by AmeriCorps member Carrie Wolfson, 23, of Washington, was possibly my favorite, but it was a tough call…

Peep Casablanca

I just hope none of the diorama artists actually ate their Peeps when they finished.  I shudder thinking about it.  Cadbury Creme Eggs are the only easter candy worse than Peeps, and they would be equally gross if Peeps weren’t a little bit cute (or creepy).  If you love either of them, though (and I know a few of you do), it’s okay, we can still be friends or roommates, or whatever we are…



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2 responses to “Some Candies are Vile but Cute

  1. Yeah, why on Earth does Easter mean a time to eat truly disgusting food? Also, who ever came up with an egg laying bunny? That’s just weird.

    I have not had peeps in many years (not vegan), but their terrible flavor still haunts my dreams.

  2. Kris

    Gah! How could you write such things about my lovely, creamy, delicious Cadbury eggs? This is my favorite time of year, as it has the best candy of any holiday, hands down. I’m not too ashamed to admit I ran to Target to get some candy for 50% off. Gotta stock up for spring and summer. Sadly, my Cadburys (Cadburies?) were already gone. 😦

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