Songs are Like Seashells

It’s been feeling spring-y for a couple weeks now, but today is the first official day.  I just read an interesting, old article on Spring, and why the date might differ depending on your time zone and/or the year.  Also: I was a little sad to learn that one of my top two seasons (Spring) is losing a minute every year to summer.  Winter is getting shorter too, and will be at its very shortest in approximately 3500 (88.71 days, vs. 2005’s 88.99).  Another fact about equinoxes, is that it seems like there is more daylight than darkness on an equinox because what’s actually measured is sunrise and sunset in terms of when the center of the sun hits the horizon — we actually see it before and after that point (my brother taught me that).  And honestly, I’m a little confused — if the equinox is the day on which the sun sets 12 hours after it rises, we were closer in Denver on March 16, anyway.

Other:  I found a really great music blog, Said the Gramophone, a couple weeks ago — great writing, and you can listen right on the site, too! (On what is currently page 2 of the blog (posts are not dated), there’s a post where people have submitted videos, including one for one of my favorite Jolie Holland songs…)



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2 responses to “Songs are Like Seashells

  1. rg

    I love Spring, and it has been fantastic so far. Tonight it was even margaritas on the patio fantastic.

  2. welcome back. yay for spring! oh, and thanks for the guardian article. now we now that rickrolling is bona fide.

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