Happy Exhaustion

I can’t catch up on sleep, it seems, but it’s okay.  The week away was really good for me, and it’s been followed by the quiet week that is spring break (students (except those who choose to work) and faculty vacate, but not for so long that it gets lonely).  It’s a week for getting things done, after a week of formulating plans — kind of the perfect combination, really.

And it’s gorgeous outside, warming up quickly.  I had a dream last night that there was a tree outside my window, and it had sprung leaves while I was gone.  There’s no tree, just a parking lot, but the idea is there…   I like the transitional seasons best, I think — the dynamism of them, the relief from whatever extreme preceded them.

I need to return this book to the library soon:

culinary artistry

I might buy one.  It’s a little beyond my culinary level (which is more “paint-by-number” than “artistry”) because it doesn’t have recipes.  Instead, it offers pairings, philosophy, anecdotes, sample menus, regional palates, etc.  It also tells you when a particular ingredient is in season…  So: Here are the “spring” foods (and not the “spring-summer” foods, as it isn’t “spring-summer” yet):  artichokes, asparagus, bluefish, carrots, corned beef, crayfish (gross), dandelion greens, fiddlehead ferns, grouper, lamb, lemon, lettuce, morels, papayas (also a fall food), pea pods, peas (without pods, apparently), radishes, rhubarb, shad, sorrel, strawberries, and watercress.

With that, I think I’m going to go eat my asparagus and consider cleaning out the vegetable drawer, which I’m afraid to open.  I was over-inspired a few weeks ago, bought lots of produce, then ate chips and salsa for dinner a lot, and let nature (the nice word for mold and rot) win.



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2 responses to “Happy Exhaustion

  1. Haha.

    I, too, need to clean out my produce drawer (and the entire fridge, honestly) so I’ll think of you when I do it!


  2. Ah yes, peas without pods grow on the elusive Pea Tree.

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