I am fighting off a little possible cold!  Fighting it so hard!  The eating out, drinking wine, and not quite sleeping enough is not helping.  But it’s been a lot of fun to catch up with friends — the aforementioned Colorado crew (a couple of whom are kind of conference superstars because they work at two branches of the same institution and managed to get their different branches to cooperate administratively — a huge feat) (those of you who were in my sister’s undergraduate program (Dom) probably know at least one of these superstars as your VRC director, but maybe you didn’t realize her superstar status).

The other crew is sort of a Historic DU crew — the two people who preceded me in my job and essentially built the system I use are here.  And they’re lots of fun, and insightful, and I wonder what it would be like to work alongside them instead of after them.  (Not that working after them isn’t fantastic — they really laid a great foundation for what I’m doing now — but I’m a little lonely at work sometimes (save a weekly trip to the library to visit with the programmers), and I wonder what it would be like to work with incredibly talented peers every day).

I have yet to see much of San Diego, and today is my day!  It’s a lighter day programming-wise, so I’m going to schmooze with the exhibitors a bit (or let them schmooze with me) and then head out — maybe to a couple of museums, maybe up to La Jolla.  I might just walk around until the session at 2, then leave again at 3:30 for a little more…  Tomorrow is strangely busy, but I might have some time in the afternoon before I fly out.  I’m ready to go home, but not really excited about getting up on Monday morning…



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  1. Maybe Monday morning would be a great day to let that cold catch up with you (wink, wink).

  2. jfochek

    Or you could continue to evade it with a little Airborne, Walborne, whatever… It saved me after my last work trip!

  3. rg

    Hope you got a chance to see some of SD, I love it there, La Jolla is beautiful!

  4. A note on “incredibly talented peers every day”: I work at a university, and therefore work with incredibly talented people all the time. Constantly. Students, faculty, and staff. But I feel like I don’t really have peers in my position. I kind of do, I suppose, with the programmers (who are genuinely incredibly talented), but I guess I meant it would be amazing to work alongside someone talented who does what I do every day.

  5. And actually, thinking about it more, I would really just like to work beside one or both of those two particular incredibly talented people. That’s all.

  6. I do remember the rad VRC lady! She once lent me this really expensive camera. Also, she was good for cheap (if not free) blank CDs. I also remember rummaging through the immense slide collection there once or twice but never tapping its potential. I knew she was an expert of sorts but never knew she was a superstar. I think the poor folks in the VRC get looked down on by a lot of students because they think they’re just hired lab attendants when, in fact, they are really experts on anything in that room.

    I once really offended one of them by asking if she knew anything about photography when she really knew everything about photography because she had a masters degree in it (I would like to tell her I’m sorry).

    Now I’m regretting not using them more…

    Hope SC was a good time and that you’re feeling better.

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