Friday Morning, Far Away

These are some pictures my mom took on Friday about 25-30 miles from our house (their house, I guess?):





Last weekend there was an article in the New York Times about the “secular sabbath,” which is one day a week where you don’t use modern technology.  I’m thinking of doing that — choosing a weekend day on which I won’t turn on my computer, watch tv, listen to mp3s, etc., etc., etc.  Sometimes I think I get a little addicted — I need to check the feed reader to see if any of the sites I subscribe to have posted anything new, check my e-mail incessantly, have music on all day.  It would be nice to read an actual, physical copy of the Times once a week, to take a long walk without the distraction of someone’s music and lyrics.  I think I’m going to do it in a sundown-to-sundown manner — either Friday night to Saturday night or Saturday night to Sunday night, every weekend.  I won’t go as far as turning my phone off, though, because the cell phone is my only phone, and I think using my “sabbath” day to connect with friends is completely reasonable.


This week: Conference in San Diego.  The schedule looks relatively light compared to the amount they usually pack in, so I’m looking forward to some good down time…



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3 responses to “Friday Morning, Far Away

  1. if you consider your experiment as a “media sabbath” (via “the artists way”) you can get around the phone thing. however, this will introduce new problems with the newspaper.

  2. Wow, those photos are beautiful. Cranes are awesome, but a little scary.

  3. lindsey

    Your mother is quite the wildlife photographer! So fun to see you this past weekend even if I was a complete Zombie. :-).


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