End in Sight

I’m so, so ready for this quarter to be over!  We turn in our group paper on Friday (I think I need to rewrite part of it sometime between now and then)…  The visiting scholar thing that has been driving me crazy for a few weeks will also end on Friday.  And the quarter will end.  Tuesday I’m headed to San Diego for a few days (for a conference, not for myself, though I definitely plan to work in some luxurious me-time while I’m there) (and by luxurious I mean walking around by myself and napping once or twice).

I’m at this point right now where everything that could possibly be annoying is pretty much interpreted as an outrage.  I need to work on that, just letting things roll off my back instead of making them even bigger and more anger-provoking than they already are.  I need my sleep to be more regular.  I just need a little more balance, I think.  Hopefully I’ll find some soon.  It really has more to do with my outlook than anything that’s actually going on.



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2 responses to “End in Sight

  1. Odd…

    A lot of people I’ve talked to recently seem very off balance. I know I have and Jeremy has.

    Perhaps it’s just spring fever. 😀

    Good luck!

  2. Okay, so it isn’t just me. I’m on edge all the time and feel like I have razors for blood.

    I hope that San Diego provides the sunshine or sea air that restores you.

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