Poor Grapefruit

I’m loving this little chart from xkcd, a webcomic (discovered via The Kitchn):

Tasty Fruit

It’s getting seriously warm here. I love it, and I refuse to deal with any more snow (unless I have to)! Bring on summer, with all of its tasty, easy fruit!



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5 responses to “Poor Grapefruit

  1. Saevae

    I think you’ll find that the image is originally from xkcd, a very funny webcomic by Randall Munroe.


  2. Good call! I totally should have caught that, and will change it now!

  3. The watermelon is the tastiest of all the fruit. Why is the artist harshing my melon (FYI: that was a little Pauly Shore terminology).

  4. Thanks, I did make my vote count on this very serious issue.

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