Way to make national news, CU.  Please note the fourth-to-last paragraph, especially, which describes the higher education climate in Colorado.  On the other hand, I think it’s sometimes ridiculous to assume that someone highly trained in an academic field is automatically qualified to be an administrator.  Even at the university level, the president’s job is political and administrative, not really academic.  But he/she should be respected by the academicians he/she represents, and I think that’s the main issue…  It makes me sad to see higher education institutions run like businesses, but then I suppose in our great nation that’s how they must operate to survive…  Too bad…


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  1. Huzzah for my future alma mater!

    “If the qualifications for the job include the ability to win friends and influence the right people, it would be good to have spotted some types who fill that bill in advance, and then make sure that the rails are a little greased for them.”

    I knew I should have taken those Dale Carnegie classes.

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