Elusive Zero Eluding Less

I think, barring any crazy car repairs or unanticipated expenses this month, I’m going to hit that elusive zero on March 1, which means (in case you’ve missed my prior obsessing about this) my savings account + my checking accounts + my retirement account – my student loan = 0. This is a big deal, even though it mostly means I’ve been chipping away at the student loan (which is modest), and contributing to my retirement account, which I can’t touch for several decades, and has less to do with any austere habits I’ve developed.

I would like to focus on spending less money on food, which is getting tougher, as food prices are rising. Some plans for this:

  • Keep shopping at Sunflower! It is significantly less expensive than every other store in the area, maybe not counting the discount grocery stores like Big Lots, but I won’t stoop that low for edible goods…
  • Buy groceries in advance instead of nearly every day. (copying the Door-to-Door Organics weekly box menu seems to really help with this — I spend about $13-$15 on vegetables and fruit, eat the fruit for breakfasts and snacks, and plan menus around the vegetables… I get variety, but it’s prescribed, and I don’t have to put a lot of though into it) (I’m pretty greedy with my thoughts).
  • Make big batches of things and freeze them for lunches later in the week — it’s easier to have options this way (instead of eating the same thing over and over again), and you waste less.

I seriously think the new pots and pans and knives my mom got me for Christmas help. I know that sounds silly, but I get excited about chopping things, and I don’t worry about teflon in my food, and it is just kind of glorious. Anyway. Sort of related to money: the third Chi flat iron works dreamily!! I’m annoyed that I got two defective ones from Amazon, and I do think it has a little to do with my apartment building’s wiring, but still. Annoying. I’m going to return the second Chi, hopefully.


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  1. Aren’t good knives the best thing in the world? Seriously a good food chopping session is really a treat. I find that I will intentionally choose recipes that require a lot of chopping. Good cooking supplies are worth their weight in gold.

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