For all of it’s natural goodness, Tom’s of Maine deodorant makes my armpits burn.  It’s pretty uncomfortable.  I discovered this a while back, which is why I switched back to Dove (in all its aluminum zirconium glory), but I ran out over the weekend, and thought it would be fine for a few days.  If I had all day to think about my armpits and how much they hurt, it would be okay.

Happy President’s Day, everyone!  I hope most of you aren’t working (I am).  At least I have Dave Eggers to look forward to tonight — I’m going to play it cool, but I definitely wanted to marry him a couple of books ago.  And I just read the saddest/sweetest story he wrote (called “Theo”) for Zadie Smith’s recent collection, The Book of Other People, which makes me want to burn a cd for him of Okkervil River, especially all songs with “stone” references.  But then I wonder, as a creative artist, how he feels about sharing music, etc.  I would also like to ask him for his advice on life and love, but in truth I’ll say hello and smile as he signs my book, maybe be a little giddy (probably alongside other giddy 20- and 30-something women).  And when I say “thank you,” it will seem like I’m thanking him for signing my book, but really I’ll be thanking him for writing, for writing honestly, and above all for his side projects which I think inspire a lot of others to write honestly.



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3 responses to “Ouch!

  1. Le Lovely Leslie,

    I have issues with horrible rashes from deodorants, too. For years I tried many different kinds of natural deodorants. You may have issues with both proplyene glycol and the aluminum (or some other ingredients)

    The following deodorants are all available at most health food stores:
    Use the link to look at a picture of the product.

    Here are my favorites for qualities including effectiveness, smell and comfort:

    *Alvera (aloe and almonds is my favorite)
    Also comes in Aloe herbal and unscented

    *Nutribiotic (Mango Melon is my favorite) http://store.nutribiotic.com/pgi-productspec?1067

    Also comes in lavender and unscented

    *Lafe’s Hemp-oil roll-on deodorant (powder and lavender are my favorites)


    Also comes in unscented, active and tea-tree (I think I’ve tried them all and I liked them all)

    Note: I’ve tried other salt deodorants but it’s killer on your armpits if you shave. This one doesn’t sting like the other ones and it has a great smell (if you get scented). The problem with most salt deodorants is that they are unscented and because they’re pure salt it’s like ‘salt on a wound’. Mostly you’ll still stink when you use it, at least I sure did.

    *Alba Botanica Clear Enzyme deodorant
    (Mandarin spice is my favorite)

    Also comes in lavendar, tea tree and unscented

    *Kiss My Face Enzyme deodorant
    (my favorite is “scented” although summer is decent, too).

    Overall the enzyme deodorants are decent, and I’d say I like them better than Tom’s of Maine, but both need to be re-applied in my humble opinion.

    In conclusion, I’d say that my favorites are probably the aloe and almond and the Lafe’s salt deodorant with hemp oil, but you should experiment some yourself!

    AVOID: I would say the ones I was kind of ‘eh’ about or didn’t want to buy again were the regular salt deodorants (the hunk of salt), anything by Jason (even though hey have some great scents it always gave me a horrible rash–but you’d have to test this out yourself), anything with clay in it, which seemed to dry out my arpits in a PAINFUL way, like a desert.

    Mediocre ones: Avalon Organic and Nature’s Gate. I like their shampoo and conditioner but not their deodorants. WEAK.

    OK: Desert Essence deodorants (has tea tree and some other things in it). Not too bad.

    Anyway, excuse my ranting review. I hope it was helpful.


    Uncle Hannah

  2. Wow! I think you just saved me a lot of money and several rashes! I totally owe you lunch!

    I’m going to print this out and take it shopping tomorrow. My initial worry was that anything with alcohol in it (most non-antiperspirant deodorants) would give me the burning rash (and eventual skin peel), but maybe I just need to try a little harder…

  3. Awesome.

    I hope it was helpful and not too spammy. Your individual body chemistry may be different than mine, too, of course.

    Hugs and Happy Deodorizing,


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