Love: A Thought and a Theory

From Ali Hill:

Love Equals

From Caryl Rusbult (who developed an “investment model of interpersonal relationships”; portion of slide from my Social Psychology class):

Investment Model

I’m tired of getting to work at 7.  Or even 7:30.  I think it’s time to shift my schedule back, come in and stay later.  I think I’ll be happier if I do.  Good news: I’ve been sleeping all night.  Bad news: I’ve had trouble waking up and staying up.


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One response to “Love: A Thought and a Theory

  1. Interesting theory!

    It’s hard to really nail down things, isn’t it?

    I’m sorry about your sleep woes. I’m having some pretty intense sleep woes myself.


    Happy Love Day! (and I know it’s obnoxious to talk about Valentine’s Day but I am trying to look at it from all angles, all forms of love. Sisterly/brotherly love, friend love, familial love, even platonic love…why not?)

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