So I had correctly diagnosed myself in the beginning — infection in my mouth, probably from eating too much wheat last week (I can usually handle some, but if my immune system is hard at work already, it sometimes affects me drastically). So, sure enough. I get to my appointment and tell the nurse what’s going on. “I don’t know why they just gave you a nurse’s visit — you should probably see a doctor for this.” Yeah, I know. I think the problem was that I said the words “sore throat,” which is the appointment-setter’s red flag to Not Take Anything This Hysterical Hypochondriac Says Seriously. But seriously, the problem isn’t the sore throat, it’s just that you asked if I had any other symptoms, and I did.

Ugh. So irritating. But I have some medication (that I have to use like a mouthwash — gross, huh?). I also saw the naturopath (the life-changing doctor who told me I shouldn’t eat wheat), and it’s amazing how different the two experiences were. The naturopath starts with the obvious, “So what do you think led to this?” A few years ago I might have been annoyed by her question — I don’t know, it just happened. But now I know what she’s looking for — changes in diet, medication, sleep habits, stress, etc., etc., etc. And she uses these as tools to guide her diagnoses (and, I think, to remind you that to be healthy you have to take care of yourself). I think that other doctors would do this if they had the time, but they just don’t. I’m not really sure why, either. I think part of it is how we pay for care, and that it’s so profit-driven. I’m sure the naturopath could make more money if she’d gone the MD route, but chose not to. But I bet she makes up for it in quality of life. And I think part of it is the way our society wants a quick fix to the surface problem — a few years ago I probably wouldn’t have had the patience to make the changes the naturopath recommended I make.

Anyway… I’m feeling a lot better.

In other news today, it’s Super Fat Tuesday, and I was interviewed by a New York Times reporter earlier in the day. If the article makes it in (and I make it into the article), it will be my second NYT appearance in less than a year, which I think brings my 15 minutes of allotted fame down a bit, but is fun, and not too shabby for a non-famous Denverite. I’ll link to the article if I find it, and if I don’t sound like an ass — one never knows until the press has run…


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