Advice from Charles Simic

In the New York Times Magazine today, there’s an interview with Charles Simic, our poet laureate.  I wish it had a little more depth to it, but I do particularly like the final two questions (or, rather, his answers to them).  Especially this one:

Deborah Solomon:  What advice would you give to people who are looking to be happy?

Charles Simic:  For starters, learn how to cook.

Maybe it is that simple.  I do like the feeling of making something for myself, and am starting to like making food for others, too.  In fact, there’s really nothing bad about it once I muster up the energy to start.

For more of Simic’s views on food, there are excerpts from another interview, here.  I would love to be his student.


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One response to “Advice from Charles Simic

  1. I think that happiness is about making anything. I always feel best when I have made something. I often find that making leads to giving.

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