She & Him

Zooey Deschanel has paired with M. Ward to make the band She & Him, and they’re releasing an album in March, and this excites me. Who are these guys? I can’t totally explain — M. Ward is one of my favorites — melancholy tunes, nice guitar. When Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins cover the Traveling Wilbury’s “Handle With Care,” he takes on one of the parts (Bob Dylan’s I think? I don’t have the original to check…). He also co-produced that album, and has a couple of really nice ones of his own…

Zooey, though, is new to the music world (I think). I wouldn’t know of her if my sister hadn’t brought this movie home a little over a year ago — Winter Passing. It’s about this young actress who’s a little down-and-out in New York, and decides to go home to Michigan to retrieve letters written between her famous father and recently deceased mother, which she plans to sell to a literary agent to support her little coke habit. Anyway, it was a really good movie. And it was written and directed by Adam Rapp, author of The Year of Endless Sorrows, which I bought just before running into someone my sister knew in New York (out of about six people we collectively know in the city), and about which I blogged last year. Maybe you don’t recognize Adam Rapp, but I bet you know his brother, Anthony, of Rent fame… My roommate’s friend was in town a couple of months ago and got really excited when she saw The Year of Endless Sorrows on my shelf because she’d gone to camp with the Rapp boys. Anyway.

Zooey is cool. I have only seen one of her other movies, Failure to Launch, in which she is pretty much the film’s only redeeming quality.

Oh, and did I mention the girl (and boy) can sing? Listen to “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?”, and/or watch “Lonesome Town”, and see for yourself… And yes, apparently she is named after the J.D. Salinger character.



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2 responses to “She & Him

  1. Good! I have been waiting for her to do something. She has an amazing voice!

  2. sam

    I absolutely love Zooey… one of my favorite actresses and is absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

    Love her.

    Check out “Elf” if you think you can withstand some Will Ferrell comedy. She sings in that…

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