What Were You Doing 25 Years Ago?

…I’m a little too young to really, really love this in true nostalgic fashion*, but Stereogum has just posted 3 hours of MTV from 1983, commercials and all.  I was two, my sister was an infant…  But my mom was 25 — it’s pretty weird to think of her being my age, watching this stuff.  Not that she did, but…  Well, maybe she did, and that’s why we had to take naps?  The songs are familiar, the videos are sweet, but nothing beats the commercials.  Or that sweet, sleeveless Police t-shirt they’re selling.

I think my hair is quite conducive to 80s styles naturally…  And everyone had perms, too, which would basically make my hair perfect for the 80s.

*one of my conference friends makes up “German words for concepts that have no English terms”, and she has one for “nostalgia for things one never experienced,” which was a pretty awesome, long word…  I’ll have to ask her what it is, and for a few more of her terms to share with you.



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2 responses to “What Were You Doing 25 Years Ago?

  1. That’s awesome that they are showing 3 hours of non-stop television from 1983. I had this big idea for an art instillation where I would re-create a 1950s living room where you could sit down and watch a 24 loop of television in 1950, commercials and all.

    Anyway, I was 3 in 1983, so I was obsessed with Voltron, He-Man, and Michael Jackson.

  2. I was walking, talking in broken baby English, and pooping. I had a baby mullet so I get some 80s cred, right?

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