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A new friend (actually a somewhat random guest at my supposed-to-be-low-key New Year’s Eve get-together, which was all the more fun with random guests…) drew my attention to the band/singer Paper Bird.  Indeed, her songs are beautiful, and she has this little part of her website where she just posts images.  I have a postcard of one of them (the woman posed with her dog, shown above — Lucian Freud — I think I got it in London, maybe Manchester or Leeds, but it certainly hung on my wall when I lived in England).  I think we’d get along, this Paper Bird girl and I.  I like her music, I like her taste.

Also, if you’ve never seen a Lucian Freud painting in person, it’s worth going out of your way to see one…  His sense of color is incredible.  The way he depicts flesh makes me question who I am and what “beauty” is.  It’s clear that every one of his models has a story, a life outside this artist/model session.  I don’t know much at all about Lucian Freud, but I think it’s worth noting that his grandfather was Sigmund Freud — I feel like he captures humanity, emotion, perhaps, in everything he paints — people, skin, animals, upholstery.  Up close it’s even more apparent.  Gorgeous.


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  1. Yes, Lucian Freud is a good one–I like Alice Neel, too.


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