That could have been written by a seven-year-old

If you’re a librarian, you either warily love or wholeheartedly hate Wikipedia. It is completely capable of propagating large amounts of misinformation. It also has a whole world of contributors and editors. I myself am a wary lover: I like it as a starting point, but would always double-check anything I found there.

Sometimes I wish I had fact checkers like in this film (note: I got so, so tired of YouTube clips a couple of weeks ago I thought I wouldn’t post them anymore, but, alas, this one is irresistible… if you only want to watch the Wikipedia reference, fast forward to 1:50, but highly I recommend watching the entire film. It’s for your own good.):


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  1. That’s funny. I am going through my entire set of encyclopedias right now for collage material. At the front of the set is about 20 pages of contributors. They all have their P.h. D’s in the field they are contributing to. I pointed this out to Maria and mentioned that we now live in a time where our global encyclopedia is Wikipedia. The contributors are random people that are self-proclaimed “experts” on these fields and the “fact checkers” are the same people…

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