One perk of working is always being around a watercooler.  I love these things, not so much for the cold, crisp water, but for the function of providing hot water without any work on my part, all the time.  Here’s a haiku ode to the watercooler:

Your cooler traits don’t
wow me. I love your ever
flowing hot water.

I’m loving this jasmine mint tea my mom and sister bought for me (quite) a while back, too…  Makes it a little easier to motivate myself to get here on sub-zero mornings.



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4 responses to “Watercooler

  1. It is truly a wonder of the modern age. I use mine to make up little bags of baked apple oatmeal.

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tea.

    I am a tea connoisseur!

    Well, kinda.

    Your Uncle,


  3. You know I will even drink hot water solo, no tea. Something about its presence makes me feel obligated to use it.

  4. I like hot water solo, too! My latest favorite is little slivers of Meyer lemons (not quite as lemony as regular lemons, with this fabulously thin rind — like the clementines of the lemon species) in hot water, but since Wild Oats changed their hours I haven’t been able to stock up before work…

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