Best of 2007 – Michael’s Edition

This is my brother’s list — in case you were curious to know what the young, hip, and smart are listening to (I always am)…  I’ve tried to use my big sister influence to get him to listen to good stuff, and he mostly does, but I have to say we probably influence each other equally.  Listening to these songs, I even wonder if he has better taste than I do.  Maybe “better” isn’t the word, but it’s certainly more upbeat.  If only he would learn not to make fun of my taste…

15. Right Moves- Josh Ritter

14. Conquest- The White Stripes

13. Starz- Smashing Pumpkins

12. Nowhere Again- Secret Machines

11. Roscoe- Midlake

10. Hands- The Raconteurs

9.  Tonight I Have to Leave It- Shout Out Louds

8.  Wolf Like Me- TV On the Radio (this song’s second appearance in a list — Eric liked it too, and my sister just said she almost put it on her list, too!)

7.  Hang Me Up to Dry- Cold War Kids

6.  Ain’t No Easy Way- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

5.  You Don’t Know What Love Is- The White Stripes

4.  Missed the Boat- Modest Mouse

3.  Don’t You Evah- Spoon

2.  Stuck Between Stations- The Hold Steady

1.  Whistle for the Choir- The Fratellis


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