Principles of Uncertainty


I finally bought Maira Kalman’s book the other day, and I am just in love with it!  Not only is it a jewel of a work, but she can be equally whimsical and serious.  My favorite part is the way she sees beauty in little, everyday things, like the gait of elderly people, hats, tassels, items found at flea markets, etc.  And there’s so much emotion in her words and images — the deepest sadness, and the strongest hope.  Wow.  I really recommend this one.

Also, if you have seventeen minutes or so, you can see a TED talk by Maira here.  Skip to the last section for a little preview of this particular book if you have only six minutes.  I just kind of want her to be my mentor/friend.  She’s so inspiring.

Seeing beauty in little, everyday things…  I am happiest, I think, when I’m in the habit of doing this, and I have such admiration for others who do.  I think that’s what I look for most in people…

So, I’m dating again, sort of quickly, but really, I don’t see the point in mourning the loss of something that wasn’t all that great, and I don’t feel “rebound-y” or even lonely.  I’m doing the whole online thing, because it’s easy and kind of fascinating, and it offers an interesting opportunity to meet people you might not know otherwise, and you can get a sense of who they are (or say they are) before you ever even meet them.  My plan is to meet people and meet people, and have fun, and not be too intense about it.  I had an awful first date (worst ever) on Saturday (it involved Jamba Juice and him pointing out a pimple I have — seriously!), and a great first date (best since 2003) yesterday.  I’m fine with being on my own, but I think it’s natural for humans to want companionship.  Socially anxious and inhibited as I can be sometimes, I really am a social creature, and I crave connection with people.  All in all, I feel more relaxed about dating — I’m interested, but I don’t need it.  But I do want to connect with someone on that level, and it’s not an effortless thing, doesn’t happen on its own.


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