Best of 2007 – E.K. Wimmer Edition

Eric states that these are in no particular order, so there are no numbers. I’ve tried to find YouTube videos wherever possible… A sidenote/funny anecdote about YouTube — last night a friend said “I love YouTube.” I thought he said “I love you, too,” and I was a little confused, as I hadn’t professed my love. Anyway. YouTube, not “you, too.” Here is Eric’s diverse, interesting, fun list:

“Spectacle” by Sean Lennon

“Bolton Wanderer” by Planningtorock

“Down Boy” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“Giddy Stratosphere” by The Long Blondes (note: I love the disclaimer before the YouTube video)

“Jimmy” by M.I.A.

“Grow Grow Grow” by PJ Harvey (I enjoy the French introduction almost as much as the song! Not really, but it’s a reason I love, love, love YouTube (and you, too))

“Love Is All We Have” by Jesca Hoop – Love Is All We Have (this one is a nice live version — slow start, but it makes her seem so beautifully human. And it’s certainly worth the wait)

“Wolf Like Me” by TV On the Radio

“Toy Boat” by Yoko Ono with Antony and the Johnsons (sorry — couldn’t find a video, but try clicking here to listen to an mp3).

“Zombie” by Nellie McKay (this one is so much fun. I love it!)

“The One” by Kylie Minogue (This was a late addition to Eric’s list — he and Maria had to order the new album from the UK, because it’s not out in the U.S. yet. I’m super excited to hear it!)


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  1. Nice! I’m happy you put that live French version of PJ Harvey’s song, I love the live performance! TV on the Radio have a cool live performance of “Wolf Like Me” on Letterman I think, so does the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for “Down Boy”. Thanks Leslie!

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