Some Goals for 2008

  1. Act more consciously. Whether it’s eating or dating or work or friendships, I want to be thoughtful and deliberate.
  2. Watch more television. Not in the rearranging-my-schedule-to-be-home-at-7:00 sort of way. But I want to watch the things I’ve missed out on, probably on DVD. On the list: Sex and the City, if only so I’ll know what Christopher’s talking about when he says, “It’s just like when Carrie walks home in season 3, episode 8,” or whatever. Also: Six Feet Under, because a few people have said I’d really like it.  The Office, because it makes me laugh a lot when I do see it. Flight of the Conchords, because I’m going to marry one of those guys. This American Life, because  it grew out of my favorite radio show ever. I don’t hate pop culture, I just can’t keep up with it.
  3. Get over my aversion of having pictures taken of myself. I’ve had this one for a while — since about 1990, I think, when I started requesting “retakes” of school pictures every semester.  I’m thinking of doing a Flickr 365 thing.  That might be too much of an undertaking, a picture a day, but it seems like sheer volume of photos of myself will help — there will be good ones and bad ones, and it will become less about me, somehow.  It’s not that I don’t like how I look, it’s just like…  I don’t know, the horror of hearing your own voice on an answering machine, etc.
  4. Be more excited about social stuff.  Because nine times out of ten I have fun, and the dread that precedes pretty much anything social I agree to do subsides — why dread it?
  5. For every book I buy, read at least one that I already own.


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3 responses to “Some Goals for 2008

  1. I am certainly on board with number 5!

  2. May I suggest Pushing Daisies for #2. It’s Amelie on a weekly basis.

  3. Love Flight of the Conchords. Will probably get fired for bandwidth usage watching Business Time on youtube every day.

    Also agree with #5. I bought Stuart: A Life Backwards on your recommendation. Brought it home last Friday and went to put it on the shelf, only to find a copy of it there already.

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