Several Superlatives

I thought I was feeling better today (and I suppose I was).  I went skiing with my brother and sister and had a really good time.  I kept up pretty well, despite the fact that I haven’t skied in about five years, the weather was gorgeous, and it wasn’t all that crowded considering the time of year…  Watched Waitress later, hung out.  I was ready for bed at 10, sleepy in that eye-fatigue sort of way that always happens after you’ve been outside all day, but I haven’t been able to actually fall asleep.  I’m sure turning on the computer isn’t going to help, but at least I can do something just a little productive.

I’m so angry right now, and I’m tempted to write the jerk and ask questions like when his “passion” was lost, even though I know it doesn’t matter.  I want to throw things at him, too.  Break dishes, etc.  It will pass, and I just need to let it.  There’s a theory that sadness is anger turned inward, and I think the opposite is true, as well — anger is sadness turned outward.

So.  I’m still working on my top 10 music for the year, and I’ll be posting yours over the next week (or as I get them if they’re later).  I have been thinking of other superlatives of 2007, and here are a few:

Best Movie: Paris, je t’aime.  This was a fabulous little collection of vignettes with some very big directors and actors, all dealing with Paris.  Each story takes place in a different part of Paris with very different characters, and it’s kind of like watching a dozen or so (16?) short films.  I saw it twice in the theaters, it was so good…

Best Food Discovery: Fresh figs.  Sometimes good things come out of dating disasters, and this was one of them.

Best Drink Rediscovery: Mojitos.  I’d had them in England when I studied abroad, and I think I had too many of them once or something, because I thought I didn’t like rum.   It turns out I don’t mind rum one bit, and it happens to be gluten free.  Nothing is more refreshing than a perfect mojito from Sputnik on a summer afternoon.

Most Anticipated Piece of Mail:  The Thing Quarterly.   I haven’t hung it up yet, and am not sure I will.  I was also excited about the next Thing, which would have come in November, but the folks at the Thing have decided that they will mail things out over the course of a quarter, so I should have it sometime between now and February.

Best Live Show: Regina Spektor.  This was a tough one, because I also very much liked Okkervil River’s, Bishop Allens’ and the Weakerthans’ shows, but Regina was really amazing.  I was at no point tired of the show or ready for it to end, and I appreciated her music even more after hearing her live.

Best New Outdoor Hobby:  Hiking.  I can’t believe how much I hiked this summer, and how much stronger I became!  I had a lot of fun with Erica, my main hiking buddy, and a few other people, saw some really beautiful terrain, got some great exercise, and felt I accomplished something new every week for several months.  Also: Tallest Mountain Climbed: Mt. Evans, 14,264′, followed by Mt. Bierstadt, 14,060′.  And Longest Hike Hiked: the 12 or so solitary, hungover miles of Ben Tyler Trail.

Best New Anywhere Hobby:  Blogging.  I’ll write in a few days (on the first anniversary of this blog) a little more about why I started it, and what it’s become.  But I’m really enjoying it, and I’m glad to be writing again, and thrilled (and somewhat baffled) that people read it. 🙂

Best Article of Clothing I Had Second Thoughts About But Am Glad I Kept:  The black dress.  Thanks, Christopher, for talking me into it (and to the lady shopping at Ann Taylor who chimed in with, “It really does look amazing”).  Maybe next year I’ll wear it to a new establishment (I’ve worn it on two dates, which were weirdly and unexpectedly at the same restaurant).

Best Article of Clothing in General:  The bras from Sol.  Life-changing.  Seriously.

Most Disappointing Beauty Purchase:  The CHI.  It hardly ever works in my apartment at all, and it’s so sad!  Because when it does work, it’s so incredible!  I’m wondering if I in fact received two defective products, and need to buy another one in hopes of consistently good hair…

Best Non-Fiction Book: Stuart: A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters.  Fantastic, honest, interesting look at homelessness.  Makes me see the world differently.

Best Fiction Book:  The History of Love by Nicole Krauss.

Closest I’ve Ever Been to Fame:  My little mention in the New York Times this summer as a librarian who doesn’t approve of doing away with classification systems.  Maybe next time they’ll actually cite my name!

Most Evident Example of Domestic Success:  The shamrock, purchased from Safeway in March, is still alive and thriving.

There may be a few more in the next few days… Making this list really helped with the anger issues, thankfully, though that wasn’t the intent.  And it’s 2:20 a.m., and probably wise to at least try to sleep…


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One response to “Several Superlatives

  1. Hi!

    Merry Christmas! You’re such a strong person I’d have had no idea how you felt about your recent life events had you not written about them.

    I also had no idea you were really seeing anyone seriously except for the brief mentions of it on here. I don’t blame you for keeping it quite though. When I was in college I wrote on my blog about every girl I dated and hated. Then, I met this really fantastic girl one day and there was this catalog of failed relationships and the pathetic things I’d done in them for her to read freely and use against me when she felt it was appropriate. It was a thorn in her side for quite some time.

    Anyway, I know what it’s like to want something and think you’re getting close to it and then find it’s nothing. It hurts and you’re angry and you want to lash out (lashing out is actually how I met Nicole and it’s a good story for another time if you haven’t heard it already). Then the holidays compound the problem and before you know it you’re a bottle of whiskey deep, writing songs about how much girls suck that will only serve to remind you of how desperate and pathetic you are in the morning.

    Ok, so that was me. You’re handling it much better. If you’re ever feeling lonely or anything give Nicole and I a call. We’re totally down to hang out and eat something healthy.

    Enjoy your holy-day.

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