Free Money

I skim a lot of blogs on a typical day — most of them are picture-heavy design and food blogs, a few are professional. And then there are the personal finance blogs (Boston Gal’s Open Wallet is my favorite) that speak to the Type-A side of me that had ledger paper at age 14, on which I would record my daily earnings (meager wages and tips from the local pizza buffet restaurant), figure out how much would be taken out for taxes, how much I had averaged per hour that day, that week, and overall, etc., ad nauseum (only I thought it was really fun). I still keep a very close eye on my finances — sometimes they stress me out a bit (this fall was a bit rough), but I’m doing okay. I always keep an eye on things that seem small but might help out. Some examples:

  • moving most of my money into ING checking and savings accounts with good interest (though it is dropping along with other interest rates — boo!) will result in about $150 worth of interest I wouldn’t have otherwise (it feels a little personal telling you that — I don’t have tons of money, but I do manage to save some).
  • Using a cash-back credit card for most of my purchases, then paying it off in full every month, has earned me about $100 since April, and I get the convenience of the credit card without paying interest.
  • Participating in my employer’s retirement plan lowers my taxable income, and the match is basically an 8% raise (that I can’t touch for another 40 years or so, but still…).

If any of you want an ING account, which I highly recommend, you can click here for checking or click here for savings and get $25 if you deposit $250 or more (full disclosure — I’ll get $10). It’s all anonymous, so I won’t know if you open one, or who you are, or anything. And if these links are used or expire, there are more where they came from, so just let me know. I should also disclose that I’m borrowing this idea from the aforementioned, super-savvy Boston Gal who features something similar on her site. I know I don’t usually advertise things like this, and I’ve definitely never made money off of my blog, but I do love my ING account (almost wholeheartedly), and sharing my love (and the $25 bonuses, which you wouldn’t get if you just went to the site on your own and opened an account) can’t be bad, right? Worth a try.


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  1. kingdavidb

    I Love Ing Direct!

    It’s a great way to bank!
    Higher Interest, and the automatic savings program is awesome…


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