Normally I’m a little too cynical to get a whole lot of enjoyment out of “cute” pictures of animals — I mean, I don’t dislike them completely, but they’re not the forwards I would ever send on, much less blog about. And the whole idea of animals in costumes kind of freaks me out a little after a prolonged work situation that involved a woman and her co-dependent dog.

Today, however, lovestruck Christopher alerted me to The Daily Coyote, a blog about an orphaned coyote in Wyoming who was taken in by a girl and her tomcat to live in their one-room cabin. I rolled my eyes a little bit, but ended up looking at the whole blog, and I also fell in love. Looks like the cat (who looks very much like Cuddles and Igor, the cats I had growing up) is still the alpha male.

Cat and Coyote

Please check out the blog for more cuteness, and the added bonus of some really beautiful photography.  Ooh — and it appears the author/photographer of the blog is also the author of a gluten-free cookbook!  I’ll definitely be tracking this book down…

I know a few of you are tired of food posts, and I promise I won’t be as obsessed in a few days (maybe), but it’s a pretty major thing right now… Kind of like how jocks in high school wouldn’t stop talking about playoffs. Anyway, I’m writing this in advance on Monday (sneaky, huh?), which is the third-to-last day of the cleanse. Eating vegetables and fruits again! Yay! One highlight of today was eating the unseasonably good figs I found yesterday. I get full quickly (though that won’t last), and have a lot of energy, and I don’t want to ruin my clean body with junk (that probably won’t last too terribly long, either).



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3 responses to “Awww…

  1. The playoffs are almost over. It’s going to be your food Superbowl!

  2. Man alive the daily coyote is lovely.

  3. Nicole ran across this woman’s blog recently and I found her story sad and amazing. I guess she decided to drive her vespa across the US and took a liking to the nothingness of Wyoming. I wonder what would make a person refuse human contact while at the same time maintaining a link to the outside world through her blog.

    Regardless, she takes some dang good pictures of that cute little coyote.

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