Mmmm, Juice

Today is, at last, the final day of the juice-only phase of the cleanse.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be eating a baked apple for breakfast, and I’m super, super excited about that.  Steamed Brussels sprouts for lunch!  Asparagus and ginger for dinner!  Back to only fruits and non-starchy vegetables tomorrow, adding in starchy vegetables on Tuesday, and grains and legumes on Wednesday.  And Wednesday is the official last day of the cleanse, but I’ll probably introduce a few things slowly over the next few weeks — corn, coffee, soy, eggs.  I might even test out a little wheat and dairy, just to see what happens.

Last night was a Christmas party, and the fabulous hostess, who is a reader of my blog, bought Pellegrino especially for me!  I was expecting tap water (which would have been fine), but Pellegrino made my night.  I hope the $5 scratch ticket I brought her is worth a lot of money.   And next time she has a party, I will not be cleansing, thank god, because the food looked really, really good.

I keep having dreams about food — like one where I was at a restaurant with Laura, and (knowing I should only be having liquid) ordered chicken fingers and fries.  I ate so many fries, and when I went to pay, I realized I’d also been stuffing fries in my purse.  In another dream I couldn’t remember eating cookies, but I could taste that I had eaten a lot of them, and ruined the cleanse.  When I did this before, I didn’t have these dreams.  I think (partially because of the time of year, the weather, doing it alone, and the social stuff going on around me) this cleanse has been harder.  But I’m almost done, and feeling good, and glad I’m doing it.

While a juicer would be nice, I am definitely saving a lot of money by not using one.  Yesterday I wanted a juice with cucumbers, beets, and ginger, and the juice bar was out of cucumbers.  They went to the produce section, and got 2.07 lbs of cucumber (about $6 worth), using 5/6 of that ($5 worth) to make my $3.50 juice.  And that’s not counting the beets or ginger.  It made me feel pretty good.  I hope the Wild Oats stores keep their juice bars even though they’re owned by Whole Foods now.  Maybe Whole Foods could even get rid of that joke of a place, Jamba Juice….?

Wow.  I’m such a juice snob.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I eat to live or live to eat.  I think I eat to live, but not in a purely eat-to-sustain sort of way that cares little about what goes into my body as long as it’s “enough.”  I’m not a foodie.  I will never send a dish back for being bland.  I’ll probably never really grasp food and wine pairings or get into food tourism.  I think I eat well to live well (or aspire to, and mostly succeed).  Also, I can say that I used to be a mere eat-to-live person, and, for me, adding in that first “well” really does beget the second “well.”



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6 responses to “Mmmm, Juice

  1. Quick question, would it count if you liquefied entire meals? When I broke my cheek as a child my Mom blended spaghetti into a liquid. Just wondering what makes it count as an appropriate liquid.

  2. On this cleanse, it would not count — it’s supposed to be fruit and vegetable juices and broths (not purees (I really need to figure out how to do diacritics on my PC)). There is a recipe for a broth (“Bieler’s broth”) with pureed vegetables, and that’s kind of a tool you can use if the liquid-only thing isn’t working for you — rather than gorging on a hamburger or whatever, you’d do that first. In all honesty, I’ve been drinking a fair amount of Odwalla’s Naked “Green Machine,” which is probably too sweet for the cleanse, and does have some pureed fruit, but I like it, and it’s easy…

    Your cheek must have healed beautifully, by the way!

  3. I want to leave you some amazing comment, but I’m not sure what to say. All of your blogs have been about food lately. Just know I support you in your cleanse.

  4. I feel so inadequate–hehe I should do a cleanse but it sounds like it takes a lot of concentration (but it’s worth it, I know). Ahhh well. Maybe someday.



  5. Leslie!

    I really wanted a photo of you in a sparkly evening gown, drinking wheatgrass or something. Teehee.

    It tickles me thinking about it.



  6. Oh! I wore jeans that night, unfortunately (I don’t go to the fancy-shmancy parties, just the super casual ones). But I could totally see myself in sequins, holding a carrot and celery cocktail… mmm… Thanks for your kind words, and yes, it does take a lot of concentration, but it feels like a good thing. 🙂

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