Living in a Turner painting

I left work a little later than usual tonight, and was so glad I got to see one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen in the eight-plus years I’ve lived in Denver.  We think of the sky as being blue or gray or black, but we forget that sometimes it can turn burnt ocher, cerulean, and sunflower yellow.  It reminded me of a Turner work…

Which reminds me of some news from a while back (though the article is quite current, I’m almost certain I saw this a few weeks ago) about scientists using Turner’s paintings to study climate and atmospheric change.  I had always assumed (and still pretty much do) that Turner took some artistic license in painting his skies, and it’s probably not wise to put too much weight on his colors in a scientific study.  Tonight’s sunset, though, makes me wonder if there are times when such vibrant sunsets are more common…

Itty Bitty Cleanse Update: So far, so good.  I thought until about 3:00 that I hadn’t actually been addicted to caffeine, but as it turns out, the headache crept up at last.  It won’t be a bad thing to lose, that little addiction.



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2 responses to “Living in a Turner painting

  1. You know I used to feel like painted sunsets were really using some artistic freedom until I moved to New Mexico. The sky really knows how to end a day in New Mexico.

  2. I love that nature picks the best color combinations. Red leaves on a dark brown tree in fall or pinks and purples against a blue sky at sunset. Beautiful.

    Well today I had a cup of coffee in your honor, hang in there!

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