Okay vs. OK vs. O.K.

There is a word that, according to the Mozilla Firefox browser and various other sources, I consistently spell incorrectly. I know I do it. I even choose to do it. The word is okay. According to some, it should be OK. I don’t know why I have so much trouble with “O.K.” and “OK,” but I do. It allegedly used to stand for “all correct” or “orl korrect” (according to the Oxford English Dictionary, AKA the best reference tool ever !). But the OED also lists multiple entries in which it is spelled “okay.” Even though the preferred spelling seems to be O.K. or OK, depending on where you look, I’m consciously going to stick with okay, because it really doesn’t stand for “orl korrect” to me. And if it did, I would say A.C. for “all correct,” anyway.  Since A.C. stands for something else, and O.K. stands for essentially nothing, I’m going to keep using “okay,” for the record.



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9 responses to “Okay vs. OK vs. O.K.

  1. Wow, I was really nervous with the title of your blog. I thought you were going to nail me for using “okay”. So I’m very happy right now! I think of it like this, OK is short for Oklahoma. Okay, carry on.

  2. Steven

    Is “alright” okay?

  3. Maybe we should write it all out to please every person. Okay/OK/ O.K.?

  4. jfochek

    Despite the fact that I use “OK,” I’m going to have to vote for “okay” since I have a co-worker who always assumes I’m screaming at him when I type “OK” in capital letters.

  5. melissa

    I’m with you 100 percent on this one. Whenever possible, words should be words – words should not be acronyms. Also: “okay” is generally more artsy as it conforms to the bauhaus tradition of lowercases. And anyway, the capital “K” is truly one of the most caustic letterforms, isn’t it?

  6. sam

    Thank god someone wrote about this. Jesus, I’ve been going crazy every time my Firefox says I’m spelling “okay” wrong. Just now! It did it just now! UGH!

    AC is short for Associated Content. Remember THAT.

  7. Kris

    I prefer “okay” to OK and (especially) O.K. as well. Even when text messaging, I spell it all out, no crazy acronyms for me! Right? NE1 with me?

  8. sam


    i m ttly with u on tht. r u goin 2 dth cb sho? lol!

    Shoot me in the balls.

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