Guerilla Art

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of public art, including graffiti art (basically I like anything that wasn’t commissioned, but that looks pretty good and says something, or at least one of the above). I’ve read a few articles on guerrilla art, and on guerrilla gardening, and I really love this stuff. And I want this book:

guerrilla art

(buy it here or here, but whatever you do, see the author’s interview at The Glass Doorknob)


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One response to “Guerilla Art

  1. One little piece of Guerilla Art myself (53 year old English bloke) and my 10 year old son practice is to get the advertising cards from supermarkets that say “Pick Up This Card!” and put a plain sticker on the back, with either a picture or a statement or question of some kind. We then leave them around on garden walls buses anywhere. Feels great!
    L&P, Mart.

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