New Sushi Places

My first sushi experience was when I was 19 and living with Yumi from Japan.  I wish I would have kept in touch with her, but then again, I’m okay with the fact that we haven’t talked since the day we moved out of the dorm and went our separate ways.  Sometimes I wonder what she’s up to.  Unfortunately her name is the equivalent of Jane Smith in Japan, so it’s sort of hard to Google her accurately.

Anwyay, I had some embarrassing moments with Yumi and her Japanese family and friends, but quickly learned how to use chopsticks and a few Japanese etiquette tips (like not to soak anything in soy sauce for very long at all, and that it’s okay to eat with your hands).  And though I never had any doubts that I would love sushi (I love most things edible that don’t involve processed meats), going out a few times with Yumi confirmed my love.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of re-trying a new local establishment, Taki Sushi, just a few blocks away.  Mmmm…  It’s both cheap and tasty, with fresh fish, a good happy hour, and friendly staff.  I had some spicy yellowtail and a really tasty roll with salmon and mango. Mmmm…  And this coming from a girl who, in general, avoids all salmon except the occasional smoked and raw.

Next up: Go Fish! on South Broadway… Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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  1. Ah yes–

    Taki’s! I think I’ve been there. I used to live on Lincoln near downtown Denver. I used to walk to various restaurants, including the Indian restaurant and Taki’s (then called Taki’s Golden Bowl–I think they changed their named). They had (or may still have) the best miso soup loaded with veggies.

    Hug+Happy Thanksgiving,


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