I got my Social Psychology textbook in the mail today, and I have seven weeks to read it before class starts! I’m so going to be that annoying “non-traditional” student who reads everything and is genuinely interested, and who all the undergraduates despise. Hell, yes.

What else today? I want to draw your attention to two blogs I’m really enjoying that I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet: the first is Little Things Are Big. I have a friend who, when she really likes someone, says, “I just wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me,” and that’s how I feel about Maria, author of this blog. It sounds a little diminutive now, but is not meant so. One of the kindest, most talented people I know, Maria is dedicated to pointing out cheer and magic and anything good in the world. And she does so very well.

Second is Lindsay with Dirty Honey Eyes. In ten years, probably less, you’ll know Lindsay as a novelist and screenplay writer, I’m sure. And here she is, sharing her talents with you for free. She’s great at not only telling a story, but telling it like she sees it, whether she’s talking about politics, children, or a crowded pre-Thanksgiving Whole Foods. Her cynicism will win you over.

Also: Word is just in that Earthbound is returning, which is awesome. I support Eric’s plan to start a more formal online publication, but I did miss his blog. I’m glad to hear he hopes to strike a balance between the two!

The cleanse is on, I believe. December 3-20 I’ll be paring down on food, giving things up day by day… First alcohol, caffeine, wheat, dairy, sugar. Then animal products, grains, soy products, nuts and seeds, etc., until I’m down to juice and broth. And then I’ll build back up to normal foods. I felt really amazing after the last one, and am looking forward to doing it again…


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  1. I hate to say this, but you will not be the obnoxious non-traditional student unless you incorporate stories from your own life, with varying degrees of relevance into class time. So, be sure and work on that!

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