Los Angeles

It’s so huge. You drive and drive and drive, never leaving city-looking spaces, never arriving at its edge, unless you’re heading towards the ocean. I’ve been here a few times before to visit family, and as a child, but this trip has been different — we’ve driven through different parts of the city, and I’m more attentive (I think) than I was before.  I can see how people would want to live here.  But I don’t think I would.The highlight, of course, has been visiting Barrett and Jake.  It doesn’t really matter what we do, the talking to each other will always be the best part.  But a close second on this trip was visiting the LACMA exhibition on Dali and Film.  In spite of the hoards of people oblivious to each other and in some cases also the art (I hate looking at art amongst many people), we had a good time overall.  The highlight of that part of the trip was a little surprise…

Dali worked with Walt Disney in the 40s on an animated film. Did you know that?  I had no idea.  The idea was abandoned, apparently because of funding or Dali’s out-there-ness or both, but a few years ago some animators picked up the idea, and, using Dali’s preparatory drawings (which were on display), came up with this:

I like to think that if Dali had been involved, his princess would have been different and less, well, Disney princess-y.  But maybe not.  I thought it was pretty fun.  Also: for the first time I got to see the actual Persistence of Memory, on loan from MOMA.  I didn’t realize it was so small.

Back to the grind tomorrow…



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2 responses to “Los Angeles

  1. Claire

    Hi there, roomie! Mom and I are in VA, and she is loving your blog. She says hi, and that she also hates looking at art among many people. Enjoy the rest of your travels!

  2. I remember being shocked at the size of Persistence of Memory as well. Isn’t it weird how we tend to think that things with a big impact are actually big?

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