Nostalgia for Tiny, Pretty Things

Like many jobs, mine didn’t exist twenty years ago.  In most institutions, it didn’t exist ten years ago, and in some institutions, it still doesn’t.  The other day I got a call from a research firm working for the Federal Government on updating O*Net, this pretty cool little database of jobs and their duties.  They’re researching my job, and they’ll call in a few weeks to ask me about it.  They also sent me a packet of information and a desk clock, which doesn’t work.

I deal with digital images.  Large files (though I’ll look back on this in a few years, maybe one year, and think they were really small).  And projectors (digital).  Today I had a little bit of a scare, though, when one of the students who works for me came in and said one of the analog projectors:

Kodak Projector

wasn’t working.  I had a definite “Oh Shit” moment, because Kodak stopped making them a couple years ago, and if one breaks I’ll have a headache and a half trying to figure out how to a.) repair it, or b.) procure another one, or c.) convince the faculty still using slides they only need one (if you’ve ever taken an art history class, you know the likelihood of that).

Turns out the projector was fine, whirring away in between the click-thunk of a slide dropping in front of the bulb.  I kind of miss that sound, sometimes.

I came across a little slide library relic on a blog today after this happened, and it made me laugh a little to see what our once-useful products are becoming…  Here’s a sampling:

Pardo Light Bench

(Pablo Pardo‘s light bench, found today via Apartment Therapy)

Lantern Slide Votive

(Lantern Slide Votive from Smith College Museum of Art)

slide purse

(35mm Slide Purse from Green with Envy; also seen locally at Composition)

I’ve seen a few others that I can’t find at the moment — lampshades, etc.   Fun, huh?  If anyone’s inspired, I might have a source for some slides…  And if anyone has a projector in their garage/attic, I’m interested…



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5 responses to “Nostalgia for Tiny, Pretty Things

  1. That lampshade is so cool. Maria and I love our Lantern Slide Votives from Smith College that you gave us. They make us very happy! I’m sure Maria will blog about them at some point.

  2. Man alive, you make me want to coat my entire house with recycled slides. They are radical!

  3. Hello Leslie! It’s Friday morning which means I will probably read every fabulously written word on your blog (and many others, but they’re not quite so entertaining).

    I actually checked into a slide projector a while back for an art project and found them on craigslist (35mm slide projector) for around $30. Don’t know what your intentions are but you might be able to get one even cheaper if you keep an eye out.

  4. Ethan

    Hi. My name is Ethan and I am very interested in acquiring some slides from you! If you still have some. Thanks. I do have 2 small slide “projectors” or “viewers” I guess they are called. They are hand held in size and fit only one slide at a time. Once the slide is inserted the light automatically turns on. They are pretty cool. 🙂 Also, I have on Manual/Automatic Viewer/Projector that has a lever you have to pull and push everytime you want a new slide to be exposed. Let me know! Thanks!

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