Domesticity and its Discontents

I’m in a total Chipotle rut.  I’ve eaten it something like once every three days in the past month.  I do change it up — I alternate meats (carnitas, chicken, and the occasional steak or veggie), and I alternate tacos, salads, and bols.  And my neighborhood Chipotle is using brown rice now, which rocks my world.  But still…  Ten times in a month?  $65 on fast-ish Mexican food?  It’s the best, easiest thing I can think of to eat 33% of the time.  And that’s sort of sad.

I have a most inspiring friend, though…  Jenny introduced me to bread pudding and Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food magazine (which I peruse, but rarely actually use).  Her wedding registry involved a lot of things I never knew existed — things she actually utilizes in her own kitchen.  She is a dream wife, I’m sure.  Sometimes I want to be her, but I know I could never pull it off.  But now I can live vicariously through her blog!  I can almost taste the bread pudding and I think if I put my mind to it, I could even make the oatmeal.  She has incorporated her Nebraska upbringing (she specializes in cozy food that the Cornhusker set would love), but shakes things up with things like cornmeal-encrusted tilapia and chickpea burgers.  Also: she troubleshoots her recipes, which I absolutely love — I screw up with my own cooking and write it off as a failure, but Jenny figures out what went wrong and tries it again.  If enough of us beg her, she will simply have to move to Denver and help us all troubleshoot our recipes…  If you like food, check out Jenny’s blog.  And if you don’t like food, you’re weird.



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6 responses to “Domesticity and its Discontents

  1. Sam

    Thanks for the recommendation… awesome blog.

    I’m hungry now.

    And don’t judge your Chipotle intake. Would be worse if it was Wendy’s.

  2. Yeah, that would be worse…..

  3. No judgement here. Food ruts are hard to climb out of!

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will go and check it out right now.

  4. I know what you mean about food ruts. I get that a lot. Especially with less time to cook with wild toddler around. I tend to get in the ‘whatever I can cram into my mouth in under 5 minutes’ rut. I tend to eat things like yogurt (and if I’m good, salad) and whatever I can eat quickly (sadly I eat too many carbs).

    Today I made a resolution to cut out most of the sweet carbs (i.e. cookies/quick breads, etc) and opt for more veggie-ish carbs or even potatoes or rice and a slice of wholegrain something or other, as long as it isn’t very much. One serving is not very big.

    WELL ANYWAY. Thanks for the fun blog stuff. Your blog is lovely. Sorry we haven’t gotten together yet. I’ve been so antisocial lately. I am scared to drive to Denver with a toddler, too, admittedly. I have only been driving for a few years, actually! I was late to get my license, but I’m warming up to it. You really have to drive around here with all the sprawl and a very very bad bus system (it’s practically non-existent here in Loveland). I had a phobia of driving on the highway which I am working on but I still don’t like to drive to Denver without Jeremy. Hehe… Oh well. One step a time.

    Have a wonderful day, dearie!!


    p.s. Shane and Mira came by and cooked last night (with my sister Jessica). I’ll post some pictures on my blog.

  5. jfochek

    Awww… Leslie, you’ve just given me a serious case of the warm fuzzies. Thank you for the kind words and the fantastic plug! xoxo

  6. I know how you feel and I know the cure: Partner with a picky eater.

    My pre-Nicole diet 95% of the time consisted of the following:

    Minute rice, steamed (in the microwave) veggies, fake chicken and a nice dash of soy and hot sauce.

    The other 5% of the time I’d scrape together enough money for one of those deliciously amazing burritos from Qdoba or Illegal Petes.

    Then I met Nicole and she doesn’t like rice or veggies or fake meat or soy sauce and absolutely despises hot sauce.

    Nicole exclusively ate mexican food and turkey sandwiches. I figured I could deal. I thought, “Well, at least I can still have my large San Francisco style burritos!” No such luck. Turns out that even though they do come wrapped in a tortilla they’re not mexican enough and are filled to the brim with the evil white rice.

    We have both worked hard to change our eating habits and try new things and even though the process was painful we effectively pulled ourselves out of the rut.

    Nicole still hates barbeque and the last time I had it was at your place. Thanks again for that. It was amazing.

    If you want any simple recipe ideas let me know. I’m the king of 15 minutes meals.

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