Year Salvador Dalí Died: 1989

Year Salvador Dalí created his most famous work, The Persistence of Memory: 1931.

Persistence of Memory

This means that he lived for 58 years after he created the work by which we know him best.  And he created art until 1983, which means that post-Persistence of Memory, Dalí created art for my lifetime x 2.  Wow.

Yesterday Tom and I went over to St. Petersburg to the Salvador Dalí Museum, where I saw more of his later works than I think I’ve ever seen before.  Pretty fantastic.  My favorite, though, was one of his older works, Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s Angelus, 1933-1935:


I don’t think I can explain why very succinctly without spending more time than I have, but this is what I scrawled in my notebook: “ruins mourn the loss of their children — we, tiny, look up in awe and tell our own children the story.”  It seemed to make sense at the moment.  Oooh, also, I discovered  Myself at the Age of Ten When I Was the Grasshopper Child, 1933, which was purchased by none other than Joseph Cornell.


Cornell, fearing it would offend his mother (with whom he still lived) left it at the gallery, and eventually sold it.

So: back to Denver today (first flight leaves at noon, long layover in Memphis), and to the grind tomorrow… Next weekend, more Dalí when I head to the west coast to visit Barrett and get to see our friend Elliott’s exhibition of Dalí and Film (buy his book!).



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  1. Sounds like a fun, full weekend; no time to Dali.

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