Alligator Sightings: 0

We looked, but did not find any alligators on Sanibel or Captiva islands yesterday…

 No Alligators

But we did have to stop the car for a tortoise:


He was actually making decent time, so we weren’t stopped for too long.  I could have done without the walk through the nature preserve (it was about four miles, and totally flat — a nice walk, but it was really freaking hot outside, and we didn’t see that many animals).  I liked this plant, though:


There was more wildlife on the beach.  I’m not going to try to identify the birds here, but I might be a budding ornithologist.  I think one’s a heron.



And the shells…  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It looked like a normal beach


but if you dug into the sand, you saw that it wasn’t very sandy at all — the sand is just a thin layer on top of millions of seashell shards.  In some places, we were just walking on big, deep piles of seashells:


Awesome.  I loved this.  I can’t imagine how crazy I would have gone if I’d been six years old.  Pretty crazy.  Like extra-suitcase-requiring crazy.  Two decades later, though, I was able to limit myself to just a few:


Thanks, Mom, for the recommendation.  Dominic: I’m on the lookout for boiled peanuts.  Today we’re heading to the Dali Museum, and tomorrow I’m heading home…



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4 responses to “Alligator Sightings: 0

  1. bomboado

    These pictures are fantastic – I’m a little envious of your vacation and your discoveries! The shell beach looks like the kind of place that I will definitely have to visit in the near future. I won’t be showing something that great here in Long Beach . . . Thanks for reading my blog. Makes me happy to know you’re looking. See you in a week!

  2. That bird is an Egret… Which is, as you said, a heron. They stalk you when you’re fishing and look at you with one creepy yellow eye at a time.

    We used to rub elbows with them when we weren’t making moonshine.

    My favorite part of the Florida beaches were the fossilized sharks teeth that would wash up on shore. They look just like a regular sharks tooth only the thousands of years in the salt water turned them black.

    I assume you’ve returned home by now. Welcome back! At least it’s not bitterly cold… Yet. Hope all is well.

  3. that’s all sand is – millions of seashell shards.

    great pics.

  4. You got yourself a nice lettered olive shell there! If you want to know what else you collected, come visit my site. Sanibel is nice, but most of the time Florida is just too “freaking hot” (as you said) to enjoy. I hope you had a great vacation and tried the boiled peanuts.

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