Humidity: 100%

I don’t think I’d ever really experienced humidity until about six years ago when I was in England for the first time…  Paper and clothes are soggy. Toilet paper is softer.  Mold grows on hard surfaces.  Hair never dries, and when it does, it’s an unmanageable, frizzy mess.

So here I am in Florida with a Brit, who thinks he’s never felt so much humidity.  That’s how humid it is.  The first night I couldn’t sleep because the air was so stifling and I couldn’t breathe it.  I’m doing better with the whole breathing thing now, and my skin is quite happy, but my hair (even with the CHI, which functions perfectly everywhere except for my apartment) is awful.  Awful.

Hair and humidity aside, we’re having a good time.  Wednesday we left Tampa and headed to the other side of the state to go to Kennedy Space Center (which I think I wrote a little bit about).  The tickets are actually good for up to seven days, so we went back there yesterday to finish seeing what we’d missed.  I can’t say I have a keen interest in space in general, but I like looking at how complex and science-fiction-esque the equipment is.  And I’m on the lookout, always, for my hometown hero, astronaut Kent Rominger.  I didn’t see much — just his name on some mission patches.  Oooh — and I saw a frog!  Just hanging out on the sidewalk until someone picked him up and put him in a flower bed.  I even touched said frog.

Here is a picture:

rocket science

This is an example of something really cool that I didn’t understand.  Sort of reminds me of a Picabia, only it’s actually meant to function (and did!).

Yesterday we headed down to Fort Myers — I thought it would be great to not take the interstate, and it mostly was, except for the hour or so we spent in traffic, and how we couldn’t see anything around us once it got dark and may as well have been on the interstate anyway.  But, here we are: Fort Myers.  On the way down, we were listening to some gospel station (on accident), and they started talking about how you could vote online for how you were going to kill your turkey.  Guns?  Turkey Tasers?  Yeah.  Awesome.  Way to show off, America.

Today we’re heading over to Sanibel and Captiva, two islands that are also nature preserves in large part, and good places for “shelling” (finding shells on the beach).  As I get older I’m more and more interested in birds and plants and bugs, and I’ve been into shells since I was really little.  I’m kind of ridiculously excited about today.  Tonight: back to Tampa for (hopefully) some good Dali-viewing in St. Petersburg (the Florida version).  The vacation is going very quickly, and I want a couple more weeks!

Tom would like me to add that he is not only a physicist, but also a philosopher.


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  1. Did you really correct the punctuation in my last comment here? That’s frikin’ awesome!

    When I was a kid my sister and I would get deported to Florida every summer so my Dad could live the bachelor life for a few months. I always hated going until I discovered one thing: Boiled Peanuts.

    They are quite possibly the most delectable part of Southern culture and if you look in the right places (roadside stands on main roads through the woods, crockpots in the back of mom and pop grocery stores/gas stations) you might find them (along with alligator tail stew and fried chicken gizzards).

    I’m making myself hungry… Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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