Saga of the Straightener

I finally got my CHI straightener, and it is amazing… The problem, though, is that it only turns on about 20% of the time. Figuring it must be defective, I tried to return it to Amazon (that’s another story, the result of which is that I have two CHIs right now, and they’ll pay me to ship the first one back). They sent a replacement…

…which also doesn’t want to turn on. I’ve tested it in several outlets in the apartment, to no avail. And tonight I took it over to Lacey’s, and it worked there with no problem. So the issue is not with the straightening iron, it’s definitely with my apartment. Damn.

I should maybe just return it altogether, figuring if it only works every few days, it’s not worth $90. But I can’t give it up so soon! It works so beautifully on those few occasions that it is worth keeping! And someday I will live in a post 1940s apartment, and there won’t be a problem at all…



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2 responses to “Saga of the Straightener

  1. You should straighten out this problem…ha ha.

    I just realized I comment on about every post, I think that means I miss talking to you!

  2. melissa

    Oh no, foiled by faulty electricity! This is a very strange problem. Those CHIs do get REALLY hot (400 degrees, I’m told), which takes a lot of electricity, but not more than a hair dryer would, I don’t think. Do you use a hair dryer? Does it work consistently? I had a similar problem with a hair dryer in a certain Utah outlet. It didn’t blow the circuit, it just…stopped working when my hair was half dry, which is really a great feature. This might be worth mentioning to your landlord, if he/she is the nice kind.

    In any case, I definitely think you should keep the CHI. $90 is a steal!

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