Cloudy Florida

In Tampa tonight with Tom the Brit (my former next door neighbor and physicist extraordinaire).  Tomorrow we’re heading up to the Kennedy Space Center, and the next day is unplanned (I’m thinking we’ll go down south to the Fort Myers area, though — we were going to do St. Augustine, but I’m just not feeling it).  Tom is becoming addicted to The Weather Channel, but thinks that a lot of American television programs (or programmes) are “dreadful.”  We’re going to have to work on finding good but cheap non-chain restaurants (a really tough thing to do when you’re new in town).  That’s about all I have to report for now.

Oh, wait!  Except that Denver International Airport was swarming with Green Bay Packers fans this morning!  I can’t believe people actually travel to other cities to watch regular season games, but apparently they do, and apparently Monday night games are a bigger deal than regular weekend games.  Maybe you all already knew this — I was enlightened.


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One response to “Cloudy Florida

  1. Sam

    UGH. Please hurry back.

    My days are going by like molasses. And I don’t think I like molasses.

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