So What?

I am completely addicted to this song, “So What?” by Little Wings.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it.  Melissa (of renowned music taste) introduced me to this song on her best of 2005 mix, and I’ve since bought two of their albums, which I also like, but I’m too obsessed with “So What?” still to really get a sense of the rest of the songs.  Just buy it.  It is well worth your $.99.  The song mentions early humans in rock caves, moves through childhood and high school, and onto the bigger questions in life.  In seven minutes.  With no repeating chorus.  It’s gorgeous.

Thinking of this, and how much I’ve loved a couple of cd compilations friends have made in the past few years, I would like to propose an idea…  I’d like to gather lists from my readers of their top 10 (or 7 or 15 — the number is arbitrary) songs for the year.  You can e-mail them to me (comment on this post if you don’t already have my e-mail address, and I’ll get in touch with you), and then I’ll post your lists in December and January.  The rules are that there are no rules.  My list would almost certainly include music I discovered this year, but may not have been made this year (I just discovered The Smiths today, for example).  If you don’t want me to know who you are (there seem to be some shy readers here), you can participate anonymously, too…



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3 responses to “So What?

  1. What!!!! You just heard of The Smiths! Heresy.

    Okay, top 10 new songs. In no particular order, but by December it will be different.

    Sean Lennon – Spectacle
    Planningtorock – Bolton Wanderer
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs – Down Boy
    The Long Blondes – Giddy Stratosphere
    M.I.A. – Jimmy
    PJ Harvey – Grow Grow Grom
    Jesca Hoop – Love Is All We Have
    TV On the Radio – Wolf Like Me
    Ono – Toy Boat
    Nellie McKay – Zombie

  2. melissa

    Great idea, Leslie! I’d love to share my top songs of the year with you (and there are a LOT this year). As of now, though, I’m still formulating. I’ll check in closer to year end…

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