People Will Always Need Plates

The title is also the name of a company that I discovered this week through a blog called We Made This.  They might be right.  I’m not sure.  I did date a guy once who had only one plate (could easily have been a bowl).  Once we cooked dinner — I got the plate and the fork (one and only), while he ate out of the pan we’d cooked in, with the spatula.  We tended to hang out at my house…  Don’t get me wrong — I liked him, and I think minimalism is good.  But minimalism and entertaining don’t always agree.

People Will Always Need Plates.  And I would love to add some of these to my collection:


Today: I had an interesting date.  Yes — it’s 12:35 p.m., and I’m already home.  We volunteered as part of Denver’s Day of Impact, and it was nice.  The best part was most certainly that I got to wear comfy clothes that didn’t match.  The worst part was inhaling the seeds and fluff from the weeds we were pulling at a nature center out east.  I don’t know that I know him that well as a result of the “date,” but I feel like I did something productive with my morning, and he was really nice…
But I still don’t know if I want to date, really.


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