People I Want to Be, Part 1 of Only a Few

Natalie Portman.  Allegedly she is also 5’3″ — a good height, I think.  I’m pretty sure she weighs less than me, but if we had too much in common, that would be weird.  I think she’s a great actress.  She’s only a month older than me, and went to Harvard, and finished in four years, despite some cinematic obligations.  And she was born in Israel.  But the two big clenchers are her fabulous taste in music (see her iTunes celebrity playlist), and rumored romantic ties to Jake Gyllenhaal (mildy exciting) and Gael Garcia Bernal (muy exciting).  Apart from Star Wars, I like every movie of hers that I’ve seen.  Additionally: she does not eat Jell-o.  Good for her.



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2 responses to “People I Want to Be, Part 1 of Only a Few

  1. Kris

    I love me some Natalie too! Gael Garcia Bernal = delicioso (is that right?)! Jake Gyllenhaal = I don’t get it. Have you seen “Closer”? Not only was she fantastic in it, but Clive Owen (drool, slurp) was the antagonist. Who would possibly choose Jude over Clive? Back to Natalie, I do love her digital short for SNL also.

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