That Elusive Zero

Paying off the credit card was a little depressing this month, as it required a little kind of big dip into savings.  I spent more than I made.  I’ve been a little down about it.  But really, I need to look at what I have that caused this, which is namely functional brakes.  Functional brakes are undeniably good, and undeniably better than non-functional brakes.  Also: I have a new filling (good).  Oh, and car insurance for another six months!

I keep meticulous financial records, so I can pull up reports of where I stood in any given month.  This month was a definite step back.  I was getting so close to that elusive zero, counting the student loans (shrinking) and the retirement account (growing), and this set me back a few months.  But when I look at the last 27 months for which I have been tracking this, I see that, indeed, I’m still climbing out of the hole.  And this hole I’m kind of guilty about is a whole lot of student loans, which aren’t the end of the world, and aren’t even that huge.  And they got me the degree that got me the job that helps me pay them back, which was the goal.  So I need to stop obsessing.  And go to bed (back to bed — I made it there at a reasonable time, but woke up and worried…).



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2 responses to “That Elusive Zero

  1. Hey Leslie! I’ve been trying to comment while in transit but for some reason my blackberry can’t handle the font or text on this site.

    Anyway, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to keep close track of your finances. It’s something I wish I did more. Also, I don’t think there are very many people in their 20s contributing to their retirement fund (but I could be wrong) which puts you way ahead.

    I do however; find it unusual that it keeps you up at night… Especially when your purchases were for needs (not wants, ha! Remember 4th grade economics?).

    I’ve been known to blow through over $100 in under an hour buying drinks for myself and friends (see: Ringing In 2007 The Right Way). Now that’s something to be ashamed about.

    I enjoy reading about your neuroses and will make it a point to check back often. Keep it up!

  2. Wooooooo. Righteous! Totally awesome,dude!

    Hehe, sorry. Had a strangely nostalgic moment.

    I think it’s very impressive, too, that you actually care about the state of your finances and debt, etc.

    It’s definitely not MY strongsuit, and I want to remedy that in the next year or two. It complicates things that I am a stay-at-home-mom and don’t make any money technically, but at least the money I do get (from family or my husband–which he says is our shared money but well…I still feel guilty about not really having a clear way to contribute financially but then I have to remember that I am watching a toddler 24 hours a day, but anyway) I hope to get to to grow or at least use it towards something useful.

    I’m notorious for spending it all in a really short amount of time on expensive groceries and gifts for friends and then I’m left with nothing and I realize I wanted flooring in the living room and should’ve saved up for that instead…oy vey. Well, no regrets. Just have to be more frugal. But I love expensive FOoood! I guess you have to know when to draw the line.

    Grats and may your debt continue to fall. I think it’s good for your self esteem to have your finances in order.

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