Sunny Saturday, Snowy Sunday

Colorado’s weather is seriously schizophrenic.  Yesterday I wished I’d worn shorts, it was so hot.  Today I had to brush snow off of my car.  Now it’s just cold and windy, sun peeking through the clouds just a bit.

It’s a hangover day, too.  Last night was this “crush party” at the Hi-Dive — it was fun, but by the time we got there I wasn’t that into the whole crush thing.  The idea was that you would pay $1 to send a pin to someone in the bar, and they could pay $1 to find out who sent it…  But I hung out with Lacey and Erica and some work friends.  And drank too much.  Awesome.

Today I woke up ridiculously early and wanted to go on a long walk (I’ve found that helps with hangovers), but the weather was atrocious…  Cold I can handle, but wet is icky.  Sam was up, so I went over there and we watched High Fidelity, which is a movie I love (not as much as the book, but still).  I started thinking that there are very few books/movies/shows about neurotic men, while there are lots and lots about neurotic women (Carrie Bradshaw, Meredith Gray, Bridget Jones).  I mean, not counting Woody Allen films, I can think of very few…

Also today: I went to the new Nordstrom, even though I can’t say I was that excited about it opening in Cherry Creek.  I didn’t buy anything there (maybe in a few years if I get a wildly unexpected few raises).  Christopher and I went to the DAM to see Artisans and Kings — totally not my style, and I hate looking at art among hoards of people who are listening dutifully to their audio guides.  I hate audio guides, too.  I wish I didn’t — I could probably learn a lot — but there you have it.   Unfortunately the whole selling point of the show is to “discover the stories behind the art,” which I refused to do. My loss, I suppose.  On a good note, I did find the catalog from a previous show, RADAR, on sale for $10.

And that was my Sunday.  To be continued this evening with hot (dairy-free) chocolate in a bit, and making something hearty for dinner that will last me a few days…  Probably the risotto I always make (it’s tasty day after day).



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4 responses to “Sunny Saturday, Snowy Sunday

  1. Have you gone to the new Container Store? It’s amazing. I wanted to ask them if there was a container for the Container Store.

  2. i would argue that most movies are about neurotic men, it’s just in a more violent, destructive , or murderous way.

  3. I think that would qualify them as psychotic, rather than neurotic…

  4. or maybe both! (though you are right leslieann, i’m no psychologist, nor do i play one in the movies).

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