I’m ready for this craze to end:


Last night there was an infiltrator at the sorority alumnae happy hour (yes, I’m a sorority alumna).  He was actually from Las Cruces, a town I like, but had escaped long ago to Chicago and then to New York.  He talked a lot about fashion and how little he knew about sports.  He didn’t even bring the clothes he would wear out in NYC because people here wouldn’t understand the fashion.  I started to wonder if we were that backwards.  And then I remembered Crocs.  We pretty much are.



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4 responses to “Seriously

  1. jennyt

    actually, crocs are all over philly, which is not NYC, but still east coast.

    There is a girl in my studio form Puerto Rico, and she has crocs too. So we are all equally unfashionable.

  2. jennyt

    wait? does that mean that we are more fashionsable since we don;t have crocs? YES!

  3. You’re backwards if your dog has a pair of Crocs.

  4. Thankfully, there are some Crocs there are less typical that are not bad. Like the “Celeste Suede” and their metallic shoes (including Mary Jane style and “Alice” Style).

    HUGS for thee.

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